Saving you money with additional value-adds throughout the process.

"Energy-Smarts manage the whole process and we are convinced they add significant value through (both) their procurement and administrative processes. We found they can help identify significant savings and benefits.” “From the start, the process delivered value, including generating immediate and ongoing savings from an energy review.”


The energy review is the first step in the process and kicks things off by gathering a complete picture of your energy supply and contract status.

As well as gaining a clear picture of status, it often uncovers anomalies and offers fixes for issues you may not have been aware of.  We often pick up on things that had previously gone unnoticed, even when things are already well-managed and help you make early savings.

At the end of the review, in a short phone call we’ll present you a roadmap of short- to long-term recommendations.  This will take you through our best-practice approach leading to risk-managed energy procurement.  If you haven’t already joined – this will inform your consideration of doing so.

There is no commitment to change any of your arrangements or contracts at this stage – unless you wish us to – but simply to provide Energy-Smarts with the information required to run a review (copy invoices, property schedule, letter of authority).

The fee is £72+VAT per supply- which is deductible against the energy procurement full service fees.

energy wholesale price optimisation

how we risk-manage and 'optimise' your future wholesale energy prices

Under our full service you will gain the benefit of smart risk-managed energy procurement.  Watch the video to see how this risk-manages future wholesale energy prices.

The strategy’s main aim is to find an optimal balance between the risk presented to your organisation by fluctuating wholesale prices and achieving the best final price possible.

This smart risk-managed approach is the mainstay benefit of the full service nevertheless it comes with many other value adds and optimisations – some shown above and below.


One of the most powerful value adds, which often goes unnoticed, is seen when your energy contract administration is run through Energy-Smarts’ efficient systems and business processes.

This means the administrative burden upon you reduces significantly. And, because we handle your energy contracting needs, this frees you up from dealing with energy renewals and potential cold-callers to focus on your organisation’s core activities.

As part of the process we also ensure supply transfers are managed effectively, minimising expensive out of contract rates that occasionally occur. And, you can be assured you will be kept informed through the process.

There are multiple value adds, including real cost savings to be found by running your energy portfolio through Energy-Smarts’ systems and processes – try us and see how much easier life becomes.


Non-commodity costs (NCCs) are added to your commodity price and together make up your whole bill (excluding VAT). Unlike the volatile commodity price – which is the largest single component of cost – NCCs are made up of lots of smaller ones which have continued to grow significantly over the years and are also important to manage. 

These NCCs, until recently have been fairly predictable, based on well mapped-out developments affecting the industry, such as the cost of running and developing the grid, transportation and distribution costs, managing capacity and demand, environmental initiatives and other legislative costs that all get passed on to the consumer in a predictable way. 

Even where active energy management is limited, it is still often possible to make a meaningful impact and as part of our energy procurement service we can run off-site analysis and optimise certain costs remotely, some examples outlined in the sections below.

“Of particular note, this year Energy-Smarts helped us identify unnecessary costs and negotiate annual savings on renewal contRacts totalling over 10% on our electricity costs. This represents a significant saving for our organisation.”



A number of costs on your energy bill are related to when you use your energy.

We can provide you the information needed to support your energy management strategy, helping to shift your consumption to reduce or avoid charges, or even earn revenue from your energy assets.

It must be noted that for those organisations seeking these benefits shold be aware that Ofgems Targeted Cost Review (TCR) will significantly affect these strategies.


One example of a typical optimisation exercise would be reviewing capacity charges. This would typically be a chargeable service through a share of savings identified.

Savings from this analysis are about 7% (on average) of the respective supply under analysis and can be up to as much as 15%.  Normally you’d expect your consultant to charge a share of savings of up to 40% or more.

If you sign up to our full service through a paid version of our Energy Procurement Masterclass, we’ll implement this service and the recommendations with no charge!


N.B. Managing your business energy costs and responsibilities through your wider energy strategy will also include factors like energy management, optimising energy assets, green initiatives and compliance.

For more information about how Energy-Smarts can support your needs, and deliver value and optimisation of energy costs, please contact us now with your specific query.


On average 1 in 5 business bills are inaccurate, and costs organisations more than necessary. We offer an ISO 9001 accredited process for copy invoice validation – so you will save money through mis-billing, and internal resource of recovery. 

This will pick up most of the billing issues you currently deal with. Note that some terms apply to this service, we can provide you with full details of this upon request.

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